a.k.a. Mike Hodnick

Live-coded, algorithmic, electronic music.

Oh and web programming too.

Live Coding

I write code live to make improvised electronic music. I project my screen as I perform.

What is live-coded, algorithmic music?

Live coders are hybrid programmer-musicians who write improvised code in real time to create music. They project their screen to the audience, resuling in a raw and genuine musical performance.

No turn-key DJ software. No hiding behind tools. Just code.

Because of the algorithmic nature of live coding programming languages, live-coded music sometimes has an algorithmic feel. The live coder breathes creativity into code and then lets go as the computer makes sound. This mechanical freedom is often short-lived as the code continuously changes.

Upcoming Events

Date Time Place Info
Oct 11-12, 2014 Oct 11 @ 4PM, Oct 12 @ 12PM St. Paul Art Crawl / Tilsner Building TBA

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Press and Praise

Perfect Porridge: Decoding Algoraves: Live Coded Audio coming to Minneapolis.

SD Times: Algoraves: Dancing to live coding

"was super rad and a lot of folks dug it"
- Bedlam Lowertown

"sick beats dude"
- Jim Ready on soundcloud

"that was mind blowing"
- The Sound Guy


Here are some direct recordings of my improvised performances:

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Live Coding Patterns

In 2014, I'm making a sound pattern a day with Tidal, a live-coding language. Listen:

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Oh yeah, programming too

I'm an independent, full-stack web developer. I work with open-source technologies on front-end, .NET, and node.js stacks.

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I maintain a technical blog. I write about live coding and web programming.

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