a.k.a. Mike Hodnick

Live-coded, algorithmic, electronic music.

Live Coding

I write code live to make improvised electronic music. I project my screen as I perform.

Sounds can vary depending on the setting. I draw from styles such as IDM, drum n' bass, breakcore, ambient, and glitch... then add algorithmic and experimental twists.

What is live-coded, algorithmic music?

Live coding is an emerging type of performance in which hybrid programmer-musicians write improvised code in real time to create music. Performers project their screen to the audience, resuling in a raw and genuine musical performance.

No turn-key DJ software. No hiding behind hardware. No gadgets. Just code.

Because of the algorithmic nature of live coding programming languages, live-coded music sometimes has an algorithmic sound. The live coder breathes creativity into algorithms and then lets go as the computer makes sound from those algorithms. This mechanical freedom is short-lived as the artist continuously makes changes.

Upcoming Events

Minneapolis Bitcoin Bash, August 4th 2014, 6PM

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The Beat Coffeehouse, Minneapolis, August 29th 2014, 7PM

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Press and Praise

Perfect Porridge: Decoding Algoraves: Live Coded Audio coming to Minneapolis.

SD Times: Algoraves: Dancing to live coding

"was super rad and a lot of folks dug it"
- Bedlam Lowertown

"sick beats dude"
- Jim Ready on soundcloud

"that was mind blowing"
- The Sound Guy


Here are some direct recordings of my improvised performances:

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Live Coding Patterns

In 2014, I'm making a sound pattern a day with Tidal, a live-coding language. Listen:

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Oh yeah, programming too

I'm an independent, full-stack web developer. I work with open-source technologies on front-end, .NET, and node.js stacks.

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I maintain a technical blog. I write about live coding and web programming.

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