Mike Hodnick

Live-coded, algorithmic, electronic music

Live Coding

I write code live to make improvised electronic music. I project my screen as I perform.

Live @ Bedlam Lowertown, 2014-09-10

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Live Coding


I use programming languages to craft algorithmic music and sound. Algorithmic music lies at the intersection of rigid rules, expressive code, and creative artistry.

In 2014, I created an algorithmic sound pattern each day using a live-coding and pattern language called Tidal: 365 Tidal Patterns.

Upcoming Events

Date Time Place Info
Dec 10, 2014 10:30PM Bedlam Lowertown, St. Paul TBA
Jan 23, 2015 7:30 PM Teatro @ Zeitgeist Arts, Duluth, MN TBA

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Press and Praise

In 2014 I received the Minnesota Emerging Composer Award:

Perfect Porridge: Decoding Algoraves: Live Coded Audio coming to Minneapolis.

SD Times: Algoraves: Dancing to live coding

"This set is the best livecoding I've ever heard"
- @rseymour
"was super rad and a lot of folks dug it"
- Bedlam Lowertown
"sick beats dude"
- Jim Ready on soundcloud
"that was mind blowing"
- The Sound Guy


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Independent Software Development

I'm an independent, full-stack web, mobile, and enterprise developer. I work with open source and .NET development technologies and have over 15 years of experience.

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Mike Mike Hodnick is a live-coding experimental electronic musician and programmer. He combines his 15 years of programming experience and lifelong background in music to produce algorithmic music and one-of-a-kind performances. Mike fuses his love of percussion and dense rhythms with the perspective that musical patterns and time are rules that can be bent and broken.

You can find Mike performing live-coding sets in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

When not making music, Mike works as an independent software programmer and builds everything from web sites to mobile apps to enterprise line-of-business systems. He has deep experience with .NET and open source tooling. Mike works on the full stack of technologies, but has a sweet spot for UI and front-end development.

Mike is originally from Duluth, MN and currently lives in Chaska, MN. He enjoys Minecraft, cooking, playing ice hockey, and camping.